Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Got Floored West Sound is a full-service expert for your hardwood floors and in addition to providing sales and installations, our experts offer refinishing services in the Kitsap County, WA area. Our specialists have the training, experience, and skills to get your hardwood floors sanded and refinished to look as good as new again. Using advanced techniques, state of the art equipment, and premium products to maximize the results of the hardwood floor refinishing service.

Process for Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Got Floored West Sound can help restore your hardwood floors that have become aged, or gets damaged, or even stained, when it requires a little more maintenance than a deep cleaning. Refinishing your hardwood floors takes some work and not easily tackled. Refinishing needs to start with sanding out the old finish and the minor damage, possible light repairing, and the re-application of a fresh new finish on the hardwood floor’s surface.

Hardwood Flooring Refinishers Near Me

Also, refinishing gives Greater Poulsbo, WA homeowners the opportunity to change the existing color, and you have quite a few options. Through Got Floored West Sound’s hardwood floor refinishing services, the luster and shine are restored to your hardwood floors. Our experts are detailed and efficient to ensure your hardwood refinish service is perfect.

Hardwood Floor Sales, Installation & More in Bremerton, Port Orchard, Bainbridge Island & Poulsbo, Washington

Considering the precision and mess that comes with hardwood floor refinishing, it is best to enlist the expertise of a professional. The specialists of Got Floored West Sound is happy to get the job done. We make certain it is done right the first time and with long lasting results. Call us today for a consultation, we can discuss the process, answer any questions and address all concerns. Got Floored West Sound can help you with your hardwood floor refinishing.

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