Carpet Stretching & Repair

Got Floored West Sound is the leading expert in carpeting and other flooring services in the Greater Kitsap County, Washington area. As a result, we are completely licensed and insured to provide the locals with remarkable, high quality services that are affordable too. Our friendly technicians possess the experience, skills, and training to ensure remarkable execution on any carpet repairs we undertake. When you need carpet repairs in Poulsbo, Washington and surrounding areas, there is no one better than Got Floored West Sound. We use advanced equipment and premium products to maximize our efforts.

Carpet Stretching to Fix Wrinkles, Ripples, Bulges

When carpets in homes and businesses are improperly installed, they will inevitably wrinkle, ripple, buckle and bulge, though there can be other causes of this problem. Got Floored West Sound’s carpet stretching services utilize specialized equipment to power stretch the carpet up to 8 different directions under tension with the force it applies. Once properly stretched, we reattach the carpet with the needed tension and tack strips. The excess carpeting is then trimmed and around the room and the remaining tucked in to provide a finished edge.

Invisible Carpet Patch Repair

Got Floored West Sound can save locals substantially through carpet repair services when applicable, as opposed to premature carpet replacement costs. Minor damage, such as tears along the seam, cigarette marks, pet clawing damage, and other tarnished areas can be flawlessly repaired by the skilled professionals of Got Floored West Sound. If the repairs, especially split seams, are not properly addressed, the repair will not last long, and can potentially look tattered. Call us for long-term results that are done with precision and care. From a number of sources, such as dropped cigarettes, hot appliances and other issues, burn marks are among the primary types of damage to impact carpets. When you find these marks and other damage, do not be overwhelmed and call the experts of Got Floored West Sound for our quality repair services.

Carpet Consultations, Sales, Installation, Stretching, Repair & More in Bremerton, Port Orchard, Bainbridge Island & Poulsbo, Washington

When you need carpet repair services in the Greater Poulsbo, Washington area, the experts of Got Floored West Sound are readily available to provide expert repairs. Whether you are in need of minor repairs, replacing damaged sections or carpet replacement; we can handle it!

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