Does Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring (LVP) Add Value to Your Home in Port Orchard, WA? Waterproof, Wood Look & More

As you contemplate the best flooring for your home, it can be overwhelming with the many choices that are laid out before you. One option that you simply can’t ignore any longer is luxury vinyl plank flooring. There are several reasons why this has quickly become one of the leading choices in flooring among homeowners. Got Floored West Sound is here to take a look at what makes this flooring so superior and why people are calling it the best flooring for your home.

LVP Floors are Waterproof & Cannot Get Water Damaged

In the past, the only true waterproof option you had for your floor was tile and stone. Now that LVP has come in the forefront, people are seeing the versatility that is available with this flooring. LVP is not only a beautiful design choice, but it can withstand large amounts of water. This makes it a great option for your entire house and not just the high traffic areas. People are putting this flooring in bathrooms and kitchens without even thinking twice because of its ability to withstand water.

Wood Look LVP Flooring at a Very Good Price

Many homeowners love the fact that LVP looks like wood, but you aren’t paying nearly as much as you would for solid wood floors. They typically come in 6-8 inch wide planks and come in a large variety of colors. Not only do they come in several colors, but many vinyl plank flooring choices now come with scraping that give it character that you would find in hardwood choices.

LVP Floors Feel Comfortable and are Not Noisy when Installed Correctly

The vinyl used to make LVP is soft, and many customers say that they love the feel of it beneath their feet. It is usually around 8mm thick. Some people install it with an underlayment, but many LVP manufacturers today have built in insulation materials like foam and rubber into the core of the planks so you don’t need that underlayment. Because of all the insulation that is built in, you don’t have to worry about that hollow sound while walking on its surface.

One of the Best Kind of Flooring for Children & Pets is LVP

The high-grade coatings that are used when manufacturing LVP make them a great option for homes that have small children and pets. They are virtually indestructible no matter how busy your home life may be. You will find that your floors look just as good five years down the road as they did the day you had them installed.

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring is Good for Commercial Use

If you have a business or office space and are looking for the perfect flooring, don’t shy away from LVP for those areas too. They are a higher end look and feel that are still durable and practical in a business setting.

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If you are considering LVP for your home, turn to the flooring experts at Got Floored West Sound to help you determine the ways that LVP may be a perfect fit. Call us today!

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