Pros & Cons of Prefinished VS Unfinished Wood Flooring in Poulsbo, WA; What to Expect when Installing & More

When investing in hardwood floors, often you will have two options when it comes to purchasing wood floors. When buying any type of hardwood floor, you can get most flooring finished or unfinished. When installing hardwood floors there are, of course, pros and cons of installing either type of hardwood floors. Got Floored West Sound will share the pros and cons of unfinished and finished hardwood floors.

Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

Unfinished hardwood floors, as the name suggests, is flooring that has not been stained or sealed. With unfinished floors, once the flooring is installed, it will need to be sanded down smooth, stained, and then sealed. One of the benefits of unfinished hardwood floors is that you can choose the color of the stain used. Keep in mind when picking the stain color the natural color of the wood floors as well as the color selected, will come together and create the look you want. Another benefit of unfinished hardwood floors is that you do not have to buy matching trim and edge work that at times can be difficult to match. All trim work and edging materials can be the same wood, also unfinished, and all will be stained at the same time which ensures all of the floors match. Where there is the good, there is also the bad. One of the cons of unfinished hardwood floors is that they tend to take longer to complete. Not only will the flooring need to be installed, but the homeowner will also need to have the flooring sanded, stained, and sealed, which adds time and cost to the overall protect. For those in a hurry to get their flooring installed, you may not want to invest in unfinished hardwood flooring.

Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

Prefinished hardwood flooring is flooring that already has been stained and sealed. One of the major benefits of prefinished hardwood flooring is that the floors are much faster to install. Prefinished flooring is protected from the beginning, will not be easily scratched and will not be damaged during installation. Along with the hardwood floor being protected, you also know the color of the floor beforehand. You will be able to see exactly what the floor looks like finished and what it will look like in the home. This can help if you need to match the hardwood floors to other wooden features or elements in the home. In this way, finished flooring is the better option. There is some limitations to finished hardwood floors as in the available length, width, colors and grain of finished floors. When you want more from your hardwood floor, such as patterns and designs, finished hardwood floors is not the way to go.

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Both unfinished and finished hardwood floors have their benefits and will make great flooring in any home. For quality hardwood floor installation, refinishing and more, contact Got Floored West Sound today.

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