What Pile of Carpet is Best in Poulsbo, WA? Separate Fiber Plush Cut or Lower Loop Pile Carpeting?

When you are looking to have flooring put in your home carpet is a great option for many areas of the home. Many people choose to have carpet in bedrooms, living areas and closets. Tile and or hardwood is better suited for a kitchen and bathroom where there is access to water. The carpeting comes in many styles and colors and you may not know where to start. You might also be moving into a new house and want to know what type of carpet you have. The more you know about your carpet the easier it will be to clean and keep it looking its very best. The type of carpet may change the way that you care for your carpets. It is a good idea to have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis no matter what style you have. Got Floored West Sound spotlights the two different types of carpet pile available.

Loop Pile Carpeting

There are two main styles of carpeting that you can have that are most common. One is loop pile and it refers to the way that the carpet fibers are affixed to the backing. When you have a loop pile they are attached to the backing then looped over and attached again. That makes the small loops that when all put together closely make up the carpet. If you choose to have loop pile carpet there are two main types. One is when the loops are all the same height and are all level when the carpet is laid. The other type is when the loops are set in different heights to make a pattern in the carpet. This is a great style of carpeting that is good for homes that have a lot of traffic. They tend to be very durable and can be easily cleaned. The down side is that the carpet usually has a low level of cushion.

Cut Pile Carpeting

The other main style of carpeting that you might have in your home is called cut pile. The way that the fibers are attached are really the same as the loop pile. The loops are then cut so that the loops are separated. The fibers will all stand alone and separated. The carpet is plusher in this style than loop pile carpets. The cut pile has a nice smooth and even look but other types can be long such as a shag carpeting. There are several textured types that you can choose from and some are not great for high traffic areas. This style of carpets are good at hiding dirt and debris because of the fullness. It also is great at hiding stains when they occur. Sometimes that can make it so that you think that carpet cleaning is not as necessary. The problem is that just because the stain is hidden doesn’t mean that it should not be cleaned right away.

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